Niels’ Carnival Costume

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Niels who had been looking forward to Carnival for weeks. He had spent all his savings on fabrics and decorations to make the perfect costume. He was determined to steal the show at the big parade.

Niels worked day and night on his costume. He cut and pasted, sewed and snipped until his hands were tired and his eyes were heavy. But it was all worth it because his costume was beautiful. It was a silver spacesuit with brightly colored stars and planets stitched on it. He even had a helmet with a visor that could go up and down.

On the day of the parade, Niels was so excited that he couldn’t eat. He put on his costume and stood in front of the mirror. “You look amazing!” said his father, who was wearing a colorful clown costume. “I’m so proud of you!”

Together they went out into the street, where the rest of the town had already gathered. There were musicians, dancers, and other costumed children. Niels looked around in amazement and enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

Then the parade began. Niels and his father proudly marched through the streets while the crowd cheered and applauded. Niels waved to everyone he knew and showed off his costume. He felt like a real astronaut.

But then something unexpected happened. One of the judges of the parade came up to him and said, “I want to congratulate you. You have won the prize for the best costume!” He couldn’t believe his ears. He felt his heart beating with excitement. He had won! He received a medal and a gift certificate for a toy store.

From that moment on, Niels was the king of Carnival. He walked through the streets, his medal shining in the sun, while the crowd cheered him on. He realized that it didn’t matter if you were the biggest or the best – as long as you had fun and were yourself.

And so the story of Niels and his Carnival adventure came to an end. He went home with a big smile on his face and a heart full of memories. He would never forget what it felt like to be a real astronaut and the king of Carnival. And who knows what adventures he would have next year at Carnival!