Lisa and the Birds

Little Lisa was a curious child. She always had a lot of questions about the world around her. One day, she asked a little bird where it found food to eat. The bird sang cheerfully and told her that there was always a dainty table waiting for them, thanks to the plants and seeds that grew on the ground.

But Lisa wasn’t satisfied. She asked the bird where it slept at night. The bird told her that they had their own cozy nests in the bushes and trees, hidden by leaves.

Lisa had one more question. She wanted to know where the birds went to drink. The bird told her that they drank from brooks, dew on the leaves, raindrops from flowers, and spring and fountain waters.

Finally, Lisa worried about the birds in the winter when everything was cold and frozen. The bird told her not to worry, as they flew to warm, sunny lands during the winter months. And for the birds who stayed here, someone as kind as Lisa would surely leave out crumbs for them to eat.