Chasing the Fireworks

As the sun set over the small island of Kiribati, young Bauro couldn’t contain his excitement. New Year’s Eve was just a few hours away and he had been counting down the days until he could watch the fireworks with his best friend, a dragon named Blaze.

Bauro and Blaze had always been fascinated by fireworks. They loved the colorful explosions and the loud bangs that filled the sky. So when New Year’s Eve finally arrived, they couldn’t wait to watch the fireworks together.

But as the night wore on, Bauro and Blaze found themselves getting more and more tired. Despite their best efforts, they both fell asleep before the fireworks even began.

The next morning, Bauro and Blaze woke up to find that they had missed the entire fireworks spectacle. They were both disappointed and sad, feeling like they had missed out on the most exciting part of the night.

But Bauro wasn’t one to give up easily. He had an idea. “Blaze, I know we missed the fireworks here on Kiribati, but we can still see them,” he said. “We just need to fly east and cross the international date line. There are still many parts of the world where it’s still New Year’s Eve.”

Blaze’s eyes lit up at the thought. He had always wanted to fly across the international date line and experience different time zones. So, without hesitation, the two set off on their journey.

As they flew across the ocean, Bauro and Blaze couldn’t help but marvel at the beautiful sunset. They flew higher and higher, chasing the sun as it set behind the horizon.

Finally, they arrived on the Hawaian coast, just in time for the fireworks spectacle. They found a cozy spot on the shore and settled in to watch the show.

As the fireworks filled the sky with colors and light, Bauro and Blaze couldn’t stop grinning. They had never seen anything like it before. They watched in awe as the fireworks exploded overhead, filling the air with a rainbow of colors.

When the show was over, Bauro and Blaze flew back home, still feeling the excitement of the night’s events. They knew that they would never forget their journey across the international date line to see the fireworks. And they couldn’t wait to do it all over again next year.