A Tale of a Toddler and the Big Toilet

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Mia. She was a toddler and loved to play dress-up and pretend to be a princess. She even used her potty as a throne when she was playing princess. She loved to sit on it and feel like a big girl.

One day, Mia’s parents decided that it was time for her to start potty training. They explained to her that she needed to start using the potty or the big toilet to go pee-pee and poo-poo.

But Mia used her potty as a throne, so she didn’t want to do pee-pee or poo-poo on it, thus she wanted to try the big toilet. She sat down on it and tried to go, but she noticed that her feet didn’t touch the ground. She felt a little scared and didn’t know how to make it work.

Her parents saw that she was struggling and decided to help her out. They put a small stool in front of the toilet so that Mia’s feet wouldn’t dangle in the air and she could also climb up and sit on the toilet by herself.

This helped Mia, but it was still a bit hard for her to go to the toilet. She had to squeeze and push to get the poo-poo out, and it hurt a little bit. But her parents sang a special poo-poo song for her to help her relax and feel better. And slowly but surely, the poo-poo came out.

Mia was very proud of herself for using the big toilet. But when she stepped down from the toilet, she accidentally pooped a little bit more and it went on the floor. She felt a little sad and embarrassed, but her parents told her that it was okay. They explained that accidents are just part of learning how to go to the toilet and that she was doing great.

Over the next few weeks, Mia and her parents kept trying together. Every time she needed to go to the toilet, they would encourage her to use the big toilet. And each time, she got a little bit better at it.

But there were still times when Mia would accidentally pee-pee in her underpants or poop on the floor. It was frustrating, but her parents never got angry with her. They just kept encouraging her and reminding her that she was doing great.

And eventually, after a few more weeks, Mia started to go to the toilet by herself without any accidents. She was so proud of herself and so were her parents. They had all learned that with patience and practice, you can do anything.